Monday, December 15, 2008

Wall Flowers

Bare walls? Not anymore!

Charles and Grover the pumpkin
(Partly inspired by Katamari Damacy!)

Mustacheod Bear
(bonus: snail with mustache and slippers with mustaches)

Top Hat Turtle
(This guy is best buds with the Mustacheod Bear.)

a worm
(paintings of things with mustaches end here)

the Gentleman (on the Moon)

(He grows hands using the power of his mind, but I couldn't think of a suitable way to paint that so I left it like this...)

Rabbit Man Detective


imabeliever said...

Hey Doug! Love the artwork that you've done. Really imaginative, colorful and, in using a term that Grandma Georgia has been known to
use, "bohemian!" :) You'll want to look that one up! Uncle John and I were just commenting on/laughing about how she used that word.
Also, loved the stop motion animation, particularly the one about the bunny. The movements were very fluid, and when your hand appeared it was so amazing how you edited it in with the storyline.
Hey! Didn't you mother teach you that it's not polite to pick one's nose in public...or cut it off!

soupface said...

I am glad that you like the paintings and stop motions.

rasberry8604 said...

what are you using to paint this stuff my brother?

soupface said...

Acrylic paint on canvas. I use a paintbrush to get the paint from the little tube and onto the canvas.