Monday, March 15, 2010

Quilt Squares

Here are the squares I entered into the GR2 show. Plus 2 bonus squares I gave people as gifts!

Sassquid Love


Boxtopus Attack

Nose Eating Monster

Blue Hand Man

The next two are the bonus squares that I didn't enter into the show. I gave this one to Katie. It's based on a character she drew which she told me she really liked. I liked it too.

Bone Creature designed by Katie Larkin

And this last square was given to my sister for her birthday. She makes sweet "crazy" quilts herself. So I gave her a crazy man quilt square.

Your Dad Is Scary


BabyApple said...

Nice work!

soupface said...

Thank you kindly.

rasberry8604 said...

These are really great!!! I think the Nose Eating Monster may be my favorite, I don't know though - they're all pretty spectacular!

Anonymous said...

This is all lovely :)