Monday, October 4, 2010

My kitchen table is a mess and I think you know why

Currently engaged in a massive plush making campaign. I've made about 10 pieces thus far. Some old friends. Some new ones. But I'm not going for speed here, folks. I'm trying to make things when the inspiration strikes me in the face.

My work space of the moment is the kitchen table. (Take that, Better Homes and Gardens!)

I've decided to put all of the finished plush within my old Indiana Jones satchel. Young Doug received this one Christmas by asking his parents for "a bag like the one Indiana Jones has." Sadly, this bag and the boy that I once was never set off on any adventures to rival that of the young Henry Jones, Jr. I did, however, engage in some fiery stick fights in my backyard. Many a digit was scrunched betwixt yonder poles of birch! (Translation: somebody's fingers would invariably wind up getting squashed by a stick.)

Witness the doodles in all their glory! Paper doodles! Felt doodles! Macaroni doodles! I like to think I doodle...every which way but loose.

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Leslie said...

Those doodles are adorable/awesome! Can't wait to see all of your friends (old and new) brought to life! :) Thanks for sharing a view into your plushie world of madness, hehe.