Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Robot Rumpus

On one occasion during my childhood, I attempted to construct a tin can robot. Radio Shack supplied me with all the electrical components I needed: two small white light bulbs for robot eyes, a red bulb for the nose, electrical wire, and a switcher to turn the bulbs on/off. After poking holes in the tin can head and affixing the light bulbs, I managed to get everything to light up before quitting the project altogether when I realized that was the extent of my mechanical know-how. Sadly, my little tin can robot never gained sentience.

Back in present times, my friend and musician Brett Algera commissioned me to make him a robot (this one in felt) with the intention of having our other friend and photographer Luke Eshleman photograph it for the cover of Brett's newest album. I leapt with leopard like grace into the task at hand!

Designing the robot was easy. From the episode of Gumby where he gets robots to do his chores for him to banking with Robie the coin eating robot - I spent my whole life preparing for this task.

Actually sewing the robot together piece by piece proved just as time consuming as I anticipated. It took a week to finish. A week filled with countless hours of sewing while watching what was possibly the most random assortment of movies anyone ever watched via Netflix streaming. (How random you didn't ask? At one point, I watched "Survival of the Dead" followed by "The Proposal.")

Below you'll find pictures of some of the pieces before everything was sewn together. You'll have to wait until the album cover image is taken before seeing the finished plush. It will be worth the wait!


rasberry8604 said...

this is awesome!

heysoupface said...

Just wait until you see the completed robot! It's really cool! And was completely worth sewing for so many hours that I started to see spots!!

Jesus said...

That's Gold Doug.