Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just glue the face already

Sometimes after sewing a character I find myself hesitant to glue its facial features on. While sewing all of that plush two weeks ago, I waited until the end to glue all of the little faces in place. I'd finish sewing one character and then move onto the next one. By the end of all of the sewing I found myself with a pile of plush characters whose faces were in dire need of gluing.

Why am I so silly about gluing these faces? I cut out the facial features while I cut out the bodies so it's merely a matter of dabbing some felt glue on the little pieces and placing them just so. What compels me to stall the inevitable?

Case in point, are these things.

I finished sewing that pink monster days ago and the little cranberry bodysuit fellow last night, but I've yet to glue the faces on either of them. And I don't know if I will before the event at Royal/T tomorrow morning! The heck why?! I have no idea. Except when I do.

Such as in this instance below.

I finished sewing this blue rabbit before the last event I sold my plush at. But then something went wrong. The face I had doodled for it (not pictured above) just didn't work as well in felt as it did on paper. So I set the rabbit aside, disgusted at the very sight of it.

After the event, I decided to take another crack at the face. I came up with what you see before you. It has a classic heysoupface look to it to be sure. Only one problem. I HATE this rabbit! I hate this rabbit so much that I want to knock it over the table edge that it is so precariously perched upon in the picture above. Instead of that, I have simply decided to not glue the face. Thus forcing this rabbit to live in the in-between world plush must inhabit when some part of them remains unfinished. In your not-yet-glued-on face, rabbit!

Holiday Kawaii Trunk Show @ Royal/T

I'm doing it again! Selling plush in person being the thing that I am doing. This time at a more convenient hour and location.

Roll your way into Culver City tomorrow (12/18) anytime between the hours of 10am and 3pm and you will find my beard and my body behind a table of plush at Royal/T. Need more details? Look no further than the Facebook event page.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tales from the Crewest Gallery Gift Boutique

My first time selling plush at an event in person just happened. But what happened while that was happening? This blog post will attempt to answer that very question.

For starters, nearly every single person who stopped by my section of table asked me the following question:  "What is this?" Not about a specific character, mind you, just the plush in general. Had they never seen plush before? I wish I'd thought to ask them this at the time. By the end of the night, the question was still catching me completely off guard.

Some folks did try to guess what certain characters were. One such man stepped up to the table and picked up a Zombie Zucchini.

"Is this a soda?" he asked.

"No, it is not a soda. It is a Zombie Zucchini," I informed him.

"Wait! Am I a soda?"

He stood silent for a moment. I could almost hear him thinking. Then he made some more words come out of his mouth.

"Is that a zucchini?" (pause for effect) "Or are you just happy to see me?"

"You did it," I said and rightly so, because he clearly had done it.

A (teenaged?) girl's eyes lit upon the Undead Severed Hand. She gleefully turned it over to look at the price tag. In an instant, I watched her glee morph into misery.

"This is $20, really?!" she asked in complete disbelief. (It was one of only three items priced thusly at my table. I have never made this thing before so it is completely one-of-a-kind.)

"Yes, it is," I said, but shouldn't have had to as that's what the price tag is there for.

"I'm so tempted to buy it," she replied. A temptation which she very admirably resisted.

Another woman stepped up to the table and asked a familiar question with a twist. "What are these? I haven't seen these before."

"Yeah...that's cuz I make them," I responded, but this did nothing to squelch her confusion and greatly puzzled by this cryptic occurrence, she left the table hurriedly.
The last would-be customer I had the [dis]pleasure of speaking to was a nondescript middle aged woman who looked like somebody's mom. (No offense to somebody's mom.) I smiled and said "Hello!" as I did to everyone. She responded in kind and then looked down at the table. Something had caught her eye. That something was a pink Miss Jelly. She snatched it up.

"This is from Pac-Man," she said.

"No, it's actually not," I responded.

"Yes it is," she replied matter-of-factly. "It's those guys that eat Pac-Man."

"It's not, really," I said impatiently.

"No, it is. It's the guys that eat Pac-Man." This continued for another minute.

 Here's what a heysoupface Pac-Man Ghost would look like.

I could see someone mistakenly thinking what I had made was a Pac-Man Ghost, because they do share similar body types and they are both pink. But even after I told this lady that it was not the thing she thought it was, she still insisted several times that it was.

Can you argue with the maker of something about the thing that they made? Is this a thing now? Has this been a thing for some time without my knowledge? She wasn't arguing with me whether or not it looked like a Pac-Man Ghost, she was telling me that it was a Pac-Man Ghost! I can't even. I hate.

But she didn't stop there. Her eyes widened. "You should make Pac-Man!" she exclaimed.

"I don't want to make Pac-Man," I snarled.

"Yeah, you should make Pac-Man" she said again this time with a little more authority in her voice.

"I don't think so," I said, almost quivering at this point.

She was nodding now with a knowing look in her eyes. "You should," she said one last time before leaving my table having now made it abundantly clear on no uncertain terms that making Pac-Man was not up for discussion. I had to do this thing that she had told me to do.

Seems some weird stuff happened, but besides that, how did the night go? How much plush was sold? I knew you weren't going to ask these questions so I asked them for you. Don't sweat it. The punchline to my week of hump busting to get as much plush made as possible so I wouldn't run out of plush in like the first hour of the event is...are you ready for it?

I sold one plush. ONE! If I had only made two plush it still would've been one too many. I made ten bucks. Ten bucks which I promptly spent at Denny's after leaving the event. Because if sadness has a taste.

"You brought 31 too many."

However, my lone customer of the evening was really great. She even went to the trouble of seeking me out on Etsy and sending me a little message of appreciation along with a picture of her and her new plush friend (a Pink Sassquid). I just wish there were about two or three more people like her there that night.

I don't consider the night a complete loss by any means. I met some awesome fellow artists. And it just so happens that I'm going to be selling my stuff again on Sunday, December 18th at Royal/T. Have you ever been to Royal/T in Culver City? It's a cool place. Much more my speed. I doubt its patrons will be asking "What is this?" about my plush.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Some plush for your eyes

The holiday gift boutique thingy took place as scheduled last night at Crewest Gallery in downtown LA. Below are pictures of several variants of old characters as well as a few brand new ones. Ghosts! Beards! Undead appendages!

 Brown Bear

Blue Bunny

Bearded Slug

 a Ghost

Hairy Pumpkin

 Potato Pirate Captain


 Bearded Phantasm

Potato Pirate Peg Leg


 Undead Severed Hand - front

Undead Severed Hand - back

Plush making beyond the pale

Got a message on Etsy Thursday before last asking if I'd like to sell my plush in a gallery downtown in one week's time. I did like. Only one problem: I didn't have any plush to sell. Smash cut to!

I sewed more in a week than most men do in their entire lifetime. There is no hyperbole here. Meals were kept to a minimum. Showers were rationed. Sleep a luxury I could afford only so much of. I learned something about how cruel a man can be during the course of that week.

It all came to a head Wednesday evening with the unfortunate decision to pull an all-nighter. My body knew I was up to something, I don't even know how it knew because I never talk to my body, but it knew. At the stroke of midnight I found myself suffering a serious case of the trembles accompanied by a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach the likes of which I'd never felt before. By 3am I was seeing things out of the corner of my eyes. At 6am I wasn't seeing things out of the corner of my eyes anymore because my eyes were almost completely non-functioning, but even this minor inconvenience could not impede me.

Funny thing is I had finished sewing all but one of the plush that needed sewing by mid day Wednesday, so why you ask would I need to forgo sleep at that point? Because, dear reader, I find the need to make little paper cut out cards for EVERY plush I make. The front of each card features a paper cut out of the character and the back their name and a brief description. These cards sometimes take me as long to craft as the plush itself.

After it was all said and done, I had just over 30 plush pieces finished for the event. That was my target number. So, good job me.

I made a lot of my trademark characters, because the time crunch was too severe for me to devise 30 new characters. But I did manage to make a few original pieces along with some new variants of old ones.

I'm going to post pictures of these new plush in another post, because I just checked and there are more than I thought. Make ready your eyes!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Q is for Quiller

Just realized that I neglected to shine a proper spotlight on this illustrious piece of artwork earlier. There is so much egg on my face right now that I could make twos and threes of omelets.

But never mind the egg face omelets. I have these sweet and salty pictures to satiate your eyes instead!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Dwarf Hamster Lives in a Murder House

When I woke up today, I found something truly terrifying happening in my hamster Jennifer's cage. I've recreated what transpired using pictures* with Chewbacca standing in for Jennifer.

 *Some of these pictures depict events which may have transpired only in my mind's eye.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Heart Attack!

The Ham Ba Ga Show opened this past weekend at Q Pop. If you missed it, don't fret! All of the art will be on display through July 8th.

I was putting the finishing touches on my piece up to 30 minutes before the show began (I'm not proud of this). My initial idea was a hamburger attacking a heart. Squeezing the life out of the poor thing. But then I thought it would be more amusing if the heart was attacking the hamburger instead. That's why this happened. It is called: Heart Attack.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Plush Friends

After an uncharacteristically long hiatus I have returned to the business of making plush. All of the plush mates below were crafted for Q Pop. Go there and snag one!

 weird sassquid

 a Ghost