Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just glue the face already

Sometimes after sewing a character I find myself hesitant to glue its facial features on. While sewing all of that plush two weeks ago, I waited until the end to glue all of the little faces in place. I'd finish sewing one character and then move onto the next one. By the end of all of the sewing I found myself with a pile of plush characters whose faces were in dire need of gluing.

Why am I so silly about gluing these faces? I cut out the facial features while I cut out the bodies so it's merely a matter of dabbing some felt glue on the little pieces and placing them just so. What compels me to stall the inevitable?

Case in point, are these things.

I finished sewing that pink monster days ago and the little cranberry bodysuit fellow last night, but I've yet to glue the faces on either of them. And I don't know if I will before the event at Royal/T tomorrow morning! The heck why?! I have no idea. Except when I do.

Such as in this instance below.

I finished sewing this blue rabbit before the last event I sold my plush at. But then something went wrong. The face I had doodled for it (not pictured above) just didn't work as well in felt as it did on paper. So I set the rabbit aside, disgusted at the very sight of it.

After the event, I decided to take another crack at the face. I came up with what you see before you. It has a classic heysoupface look to it to be sure. Only one problem. I HATE this rabbit! I hate this rabbit so much that I want to knock it over the table edge that it is so precariously perched upon in the picture above. Instead of that, I have simply decided to not glue the face. Thus forcing this rabbit to live in the in-between world plush must inhabit when some part of them remains unfinished. In your not-yet-glued-on face, rabbit!

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rasberry8604 said...

I like the cranberry body suit fellow! And the mouth of the pink monster made me laugh.