Monday, February 13, 2012

An unfortunate plush related incident revealed!

I didn't mention any of the specifics from the Royal/T event in my last post. This is because nothing of note really happened. I actually sold several plush and most of the folks who came by the table seemed to like what I was selling. But there was one occurrence that I have to share. This isn't going to be pleasant for anybody.

About an hour into the event I still hadn't sold anything. Foot traffic had been slight. I was starting to worry. Could this be a repeat of the week prior? Could I beat my previous low sales record and not sell a single plush?  These were my thoughts when an unassuming gentleman stopped by my table. He was immediately taken by the Potato Pirate Captain. I'm guessing this man loved both potatoes and pirates dearly and couldn't believe this thing in front of his face.

He had a good laugh, told me he'd be back, then headed to the other tables. A few people had expressed similar sentiments so I didn't think much of it. One excitable woman was so psyched when she saw my stuff she exclaimed "This is so great! I'll be back! I promise! I have to get my family!" Never saw her again. I hope she's OK. The gentleman, however, made good on his word and returned later.

He came back with his significant other in tow. Some kids were already at the table trying to decide which plush was their favorite. He asked me if I took credit cards. I informed him that I did not. He was bummed. He didn't know if he had enough cash and stepped away from the table.

He proceeded to empty his pockets. His significant other did the same. Children laughed as they read my character card descriptions while this man and his partner counted change a few feet away. After a few moments, he came back timidly clutching a handful of dollars and cents. "Would you be willing to sell the plush for $14.50 instead of $16?" he asked nervously.

I'm already selling my plush for less than I'd like to in some cases. I hadn't made a single sale yet and there are several children pouring over the plush at that very moment. I don't want everyone to think they can haggle with me over my prices. I am not a swap meet. So I told the guy that I couldn't lower the price. I suggested he hit up a nearby ATM and come back later. Unfortunately, he was on his way to some other place and wouldn't be back before the event ended. I froze. Probably apologized a couple of times. He seemed dumbfounded and left despondent. I had broken this man's heart over one dollar and fifty cents.

Money is not my be-all and end-all, but I just couldn't bring myself to lower the price more than I had. It was a matter of principle. Now I must live with what I did. On those cold lonely nights when I stare at the ceiling incapable of sleeping I must remember the pain I caused this poor man's heart.

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D: Where's all your plushies?? Post more!!!