Friday, May 11, 2012

Commissioned plush pieces that I made on commission

A fan and fellow artist recently commissioned two plush pieces from me. She asked for creatures of my own design that would represent her and a friend of hers. I drew many things on my computer before I hit upon these designs.

The girl star was initially bald, but I added hair at my patron's request. She gave me the go-ahead and I spent the following week sewing the stars and their little clothes. I don't normally add clothing to my plush, because it's a pain to sew. Sewing those little boots. Not my idea of fun.

I totally finished them though. I did it. I took pictures of the finished plush moments before I left to hand deliver them. My camera's battery was dying as I snapped the shots. It was "Clear and Present Danger" starring Harrison Ford levels of intense.

Also! Paper cut out cards! In the images below the cards look a little blurry. That's the pictures themselves. Those cards were made perfectly focused. I don't construct blurry cut out cards. Trust. Me.


Aubrey said...

Very nice! Love the originality in the overall shape of these two.

heysoupface said...

Thanks, Aubrey! The shapes are what got me too.

koolasiankids said...

Hi Doug, we love your stuff so much. Your "Hey Soupface" blog is on our blog roll at

By the way, do you still have my Pickle King? :)

I still make plushies and I've got some good ones!

heysoupface said...

I do indeed still have the Pickle King. It's so cool that you're still making plush!

coolasiankids said...

They look a lot better now.. :)