Friday, July 12, 2013

Some days are lived. Others are plushed.

It is known that the human body can only take so much sewing in any given day. After several hours worth things start to get pretty weird. Fingers invariably get poked. Thoughts are thought. Decisions questioned. Inner truths truthed. But you know how it is when you have to plush a bunch for an upcoming art show.

This particular show is called FUWA FUWA! And I'm not gonna kid you here, it's kind of a big deal for me. The show's a celebration of all things soft. Soft sculpture in particular, which just happens to be what I do. I am one of only a dozen or so featured artists as opposed to several dozen like most of the group shows I've participated in. If you've never been to one of my shows before this is the one to go to. The opening reception happens at Q Pop on Saturday, July 13th from 7pm-10pm. My plush and I would love to see you there.

And speaking of plush... (First rate segue!) I made three pieces for this show. You may have seen Hug Monster already in a previous post. Below you will find pictures of the other two while they were still works in progress. They are named Myrna and Bracket. I will post pictures of the finished pieces in a bit.

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