Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Costume Adventure

Halloween. Can you dig it? I surely can. Eating candy! Watching horror movies! Playing dress up! All of these things are good. However, most years my Halloween costumes are so bad I could blush. Why does this happen? One reason is my extreme aversion to buying articles of clothing that I'll have no use for beyond Halloween. I'm too darned practical. The other reason is my remarkable inability to think of costume ideas. I'm a creative man, but when I sit myself down to brainstorm costumes I almost always come up with zilch.

So this year I asked the roommate to throw some ideas at me and against all odds, he suggested Mr. Rogers. "That is who I'll be!" thought me. Yet the next day I couldn't get the notion of dressing up as Charles Bronson out of my head. Oh, have I mention my all abiding love for Charles Bronson and the intense longing I have to dress up as him for Halloween (or all the time)? Well, I mentioned it to my roommate, but told him I couldn't think of what to wear besides a mustache. He proposed the following: Charles Bronson dressed as Mr. Rogers. Boom!

I had the cardigan, the tennis shoes, the mustache and cap gun, but I clearly needed a puppet. For this I settled on X the Owl. Why? Because owls, man. Everything was coming together nicely. And that's when tragedy struck. I finished sewing the puppet only to realize it was too small for my hand. I could just barely squeeze the hand in there, but it was by no means comfortable or even functional as a puppet should be. I had to start the whole shebang over from scratch. But I turned this misfortune into fortune by redesigning and improving the finished piece. I even gave the owl a switchblade because it's never a beautiful day in Mr. Bronson's Neighborhood.

Just look at it!


rasberry8604 said...

This owl is awesome! Love how you did the fluffy feather look.

heysoupface said...

This owl was more popular at that party than I've ever been!